In order to limit the spread of the virus, non-essential documents and objects have been removed: Journals, documents, books.
We have removed the bedspreads, the various cushions, decorative items and trinkets.
After the departure of a client, large ventilation of the accommodation. Vacancy of the premises for 24h mini to 4 days.
Washing of all household linen at a temperature of more than 60 °.
Cleaning and disinfection:
- Door handles, dustbin, lamp wires, keys to the accommodation, switches, railing, table and chairs
- Taps, shower, bath, sink, WC,
- Refrigerator, coffee maker, toaster, oven, kettle, dishes, sink.
- Hangers, suitcase holder, headboard.
Respect for barrier gestures.
It will be done outside the accommodation if the weather permits with one person as well as for the inventory of fixtures on arrival and departure.
Provision :
Hydroalcoholic product, box of tissues, household wipes. disinfectant standard 14476.
No breakfast service.
Provision :
Coffee, thé, apple juice made
During the stay :
Avoid spraying products, which can cause the virus to suspend.
Prefer disposable wipes over sponges and tea towels.
Ventilate the accommodation regularly morning and evening.
Outdoor spaces:
Access will be in compliance with barrier gestures and distance rules.
On your departure:
Put the household linen in the basket or the provided laundry bag.